Homeless Man Attacked With Knives and Set on Fire in Casablanca

Rabat – A shocking video has surfaced online showing a homeless man  brutally attacked and set on fire last week in Casablanca.The incident allegedly occurred in the neighborhood of Racine, in downtown Casablanca on Friday.In the video posted by Hespress, the victim is seen surrounded by five men, before they attacked him with swords and knives.Afterwards, the attackers doused the homeless man with a flammable liquid and set him on fire, leaving him seriously injured. . According to the same source, the victim remains at the University Hospital Ibn Rushd with second and third degree burns.Casablanca police issued a statement on Sunday saying that the attackers who are believed to be homeless men too, were under the influence of hard drugs.This criminal aggression “could be linked to a dispute between the suspects and the victim on the possession of a narcotic substance,” the statement said.Police arrested all of the attackers on Sunday, after one of them was identified in the viral video. The suspects were found with swords and knives in their possession, as well as more than 50 liters of flammable liquid.According to the official statement, the attackers remain in custody and will be brought to justice once the investigation is completed. read more