End of the voluntary quarantine of the Inter players

first_imgYesterday was Last day of strict quarantine for Inter Milan players. It has been fifteen days since his match against Juventus, where there are three players with Coronavirus, and, although the situation is not going to be much different than it has been in recent weeks, hay little details that will change your day to day. Starting today they can go down to throw the garbage or take the dog for a walk without leaving more than 200 meters from home. Routines that although they did not have the greatest importance before, now become the only time of day to take a little air. What still it is early to know, it is the date they will return to training normal in the sports city. The end of this voluntary quarantine for Inter footballers, coincides with the signing of a new decree in Italy. A decree ordering the closure of all non-essential productive activities, which causes the country to become even more paralyzed, as advised by Chinese experts who arrived in Milan three days ago to help combat this new virus. In addition, in Lombardy, any type of outdoor activity has been prohibited. You can no longer go running even on your own, the parks have been closed and police controls have been intensified. Today, from our balcony overlooking San Siro, you cannot hear the usual traffic on a weekday. The sound of cars and motorcycles has been replaced by the sound of ambulance sirens.last_img read more