Nintendo orders 10 million NX consoles

first_img Nintendo needs its NX console/handheld/we don’t know exactly what it is yet to be a major hit from launch. Remember the Wii? That had lifetime sales of 101.63 million units. Its successor the Wii U? 13 million. That’s just over 10% of the previous generation, which is terrible. But the need for sales of the NX may be even more intense if Nintendo is in fact replacing both the Wii U and the 3DS with its next device. The 3DS has sold close to 60 million units.With that in mind, Nintendo has setup production contracts with three manufacturers: the well-known Foxconn, as well as Japan-based Misumi Electronics and Hosiden. Between them, the initial estimate for production is 10 million units in the first year.That order is sure to change soon after launch, and Nintendo will be hoping they have every reason to increase it. 10 million should be the absolutely minimum if the NX turns out to be a hit. The Wii U only managed to sell 5 million units during its first year, so Nintendo is clearly planning to double that, but I imagine reaching 10 million sales between March and December 2017 will be an internal target. Managing to outsell (or not) the PS4 and Xbox One month-to-month will also be a good gauge of success.We expected Nintendo to start talking about the NX at Tokyo Game Show last week, but Pokemon seems to have put a stop to that. The popularity of Pokemon Go over the summer combined with the imminent release of new Pokemon titles for the 3DS has seen hardware sales spike. So why mess with a good thing? We may even be left waiting until January to see what the NX looks like. NX Revealed as the Nintendo SwitchNintendo NX launches December 31 for $450 according to UK retailer Stay on targetlast_img read more