Distribution of macrobenthic taxa across the Scotia Arc, Southern Ocean

first_imgAn extremely dynamic chain of archipelagos links South America and the Antarctic Peninsula. It includes islands, which are large and small, old and young, near continental margins and isolated, and well sampled and poorly known. The current study sampled the macrobenthos of all the major archipelagos of this arc at shelf and slope depths using an Agassiz trawl. At least four samples (200 m, 500 m, 1000 m and 1500 m) were taken down-slope at Falkland Trough, Shag Rocks, South Georgia, South Thule, Powell Basin, Elephant Island, and Livingston Island sites and one sample was collected in the caldera of Deception Island. Despite the biogeographical and biodiversity importance of this region, this is the first time (by definition) entire standardized trawl samples have been analysed from all its archipelagos and at any consistent taxonomic level. We found 15 phyla and 29 classes of macro- and megafauna in total across the samples, many of which occurred at all sites. Even at remote and geologically young sites richness was high. Richness increased with abundance and wet mass and was highest in the shallow shelf samples and lowest at 1500 m. Abundance and wet mass varied more than two orders of magnitude, even within classes or study areas. There were strong similarities between the ascidian dominated shallow faunas of the two active volcanic sites, Southern Thule and Deception Island despite huge differences in isolation. There were also strong faunal similarities between Falkland Trough and Shag Rocks despite being on opposing sides of the Polar Front. In contrast two near neighbours with similarly soft substrata, Elephant and Livingston islands were amongst the most dissimilar.last_img read more

Toronto Zoo names baby turtles after members and fans of Raptors’ NBA championship team

first_imgThe turtles are part of a group of 48 Blanding’s turtles that were released into the wild.Some of the turtles are named after players such as Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry, and Fred VanVleet, while the others are named after coach Nick Nurse, the president of basketball operations Masai Uijri and superfan Drake. The zoo debuted the baby turtles in the most adorable Twitter thread. This is Kawhi Leonard (the turtle). 🏀🐢 pic.twitter.com/r4mTKxh2CT— The Toronto Zoo (@TheTorontoZoo) June 21, 2019This is Kyle Lowry (the turtle). 🏀🐢 pic.twitter.com/gyweLsQAvO— The Toronto Zoo (@TheTorontoZoo) June 21, 2019This is Fred VanVleet (the turtle). 🏀🐢 pic.twitter.com/RogZNFLdcN— The Toronto Zoo (@TheTorontoZoo) June 21, 2019This is Danny Green (the turtle). 🏀🐢 pic.twitter.com/MST5LlBb0m— The Toronto Zoo (@TheTorontoZoo) June 21, 2019This is Pascal Siakam (the turtle). 🏀🐢 pic.twitter.com/jWjEHDcR9H— The Toronto Zoo (@TheTorontoZoo) June 21, 2019This is Marc Gasol (the turtle). 🏀🐢 pic.twitter.com/kNdZWEgw5c— The Toronto Zoo (@TheTorontoZoo) June 21, 2019This is Masai Ujiri (the turtle). 🏀🐢 pic.twitter.com/FKfCwt51my— The Toronto Zoo (@TheTorontoZoo) June 21, 2019This is Superfan Nav Bhatia (the turtle). 🏀🐢 pic.twitter.com/xvyPSqPjng— The Toronto Zoo (@TheTorontoZoo) June 21, 2019Okay you get the gist…— The Toronto Zoo (@TheTorontoZoo) June 21, 2019 MORE: NBA Draft 2019 team grades: Pelicans pass with flying colors; Suns flunk out with lottery pick The Toronto Raptors just won the franchises’ first NBA title, and the city of Toronto is still celebrating.The Toronto Zoo commemorated the historic season by naming 37 of its Blanding’s turtles after the players, coaches, owners and even some of the team’s most famous fans. last_img read more