A Full Guide to Presidential Election Results Day 2

first_img– Advertisement – This will probably vary significantly from state to state. Let’s take them one at a time.AlaskaAlaska may well be the last state to be called, because officials there won’t even begin counting mail ballots, or early in-person ballots cast after Oct. 29, for another week. That being said, it’s a red state and isn’t really competitive. Mr. Trump will probably win here pretty easily, and Senator Dan Sullivan, a Republican, probably will too.ArizonaArizona will probably be called soon. Mr. Biden is leading by five percentage points with more than 80 percent of the estimated vote counted, and some news outlets, including The Associated Press and Fox News, have already called it for him. The New York Times and others have not done so, but Arizona officials expect to finish counting ballots on Wednesday, so we shouldn’t be waiting too long for an answer.Georgia- Advertisement – Six Senate races were uncalled in five states: Alaska, Georgia, Maine, Michigan and North Carolina.Georgia has two races, both involving Republican incumbents whom Democrats hope to unseat. One, between Senator David Perdue and Jon Ossoff, might be decided in the next few days or might go to a runoff in January, depending on whether a Libertarian candidate gets enough votes to keep both major-party candidates below 50 percent. The other race will require a runoff between the incumbent, Kelly Loeffler, and Raphael Warnock, a Democrat.When will we know the results?- Advertisement –center_img Georgia might have been called already if not for a burst pipe at a site in Fulton County where election officials were counting absentee ballots, which delayed the counting process in and around Atlanta.Mr. Trump was ahead in the state by a little over two percentage points with 92 percent of the estimated vote counted, but the uncounted votes from such a heavily Democratic area could close the gap, and the secretary of state’s office cautioned against relying on the current results given that fact.last_img read more

Kids and Exercise

first_imgI wonder if any person under 16 years of age has ever done one of the following things as a kid growing up.  Have you seen your young child jumping rope, playing hopscotch, riding their bike, playing games like tag or hide and seek?  I know the very young might do hide and seek, but that is about as far as it goes.  When you go to visit your grandkids, I am sure they are very glad to see you, run and give you a big hug, but after a few minutes grab their electronic devices and sit down and ignore the world around them.  When I was a kid, we never sat down.  We were always on the run.  These simple things like jumping rope and playing hopscotch were excellent exercise.  It is beyond my comprehension when I read that a school system has dropped phys ed to save money for the school corporation.  This is the only time most kids today ever do anything but sit unless they are athletes.  We know that less than 50% of any school’s population participates in a sport.  That is why the phys ed classes are so important!last_img read more