News story: £2 billion of new investment opportunities launched across the UK

first_imgThe Department for International Trade has today (Wednesday 17 October) launched £2 billion worth of new investment opportunities which will create thousands of new homes and jobs across the UK.The portfolio includes: Liverpool: The construction of more than 2,000 new homes at Festival Park and 1,000 new jobs in a new urban community at Paddington Village Gateshead: 5,000 new jobs at Follingsby Max, a new logistics and distribution centre in Gateshead, and a new 12,500 seater stadium at Gateshead Quays Edinburgh: A new world-leading bio and life sciences development at Edinburgh BioQuarter, which will make the city a leading hub for stem cell research Belfast: 21,000 sqm of new Grade A office space for the creative and technology sector at The Sixth, further enhancing the city’s growing reputation as a production centre for film and television Sussex: A new science and technology park at Burgess Hill, providing more than 90,000 sq metres of commercial space The portfolio has been put together by the DIT’s Capital Investment team which leads the government’s drive to attract and support international investment into large scale property, regeneration, infrastructure and energy projects across the UK.This week the department will launch the Perfect Fit Prospectus – which uses technology to create individualised reports for potential investors – based on their country of origin and the sector they operate in – to give them the information they need to make an informed investment decision.The new tool will help the DIT as it seeks to become the most innovative investment promotion agency in the world.Further information: Further information on all seven new projects can be found on our investment website In the first half of 2017, 14% of global commercial property investment transactions occurred in the UK, second only to the USA The UK is also the leading European destination for venture capital investment, helping innovative firms quickly reach their potential, providing jobs and economic benefits across the UK New £2 billion property investment portfolio launched, creating thousands of jobs and new homes across the country Projects set to benefit the creative, life sciences and retail sectors – including a new 12,500 seat stadium built in Gateshead Minister for Investment to showcase the projects at the UK’s largest property exhibition The projects will create jobs and drive prosperity in local communities whilst contributing positively to the quality of life for local people.International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP, said It has never been easier to find opportunities for global investment in the UK and these seven projects worth £2 billion give investors the opportunity to do just that. Not only will these projects promote our vibrant and successful real estate industry, they also create homes and jobs across the country. As an international economic department, our message is loud and clear: the UK is open for business, and we can help find the right investment for you.center_img Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart MP, said: It’s a privilege for me to launch these new schemes, which will provide new homes and jobs for people across the country. The UK is the number one destination in Europe for foreign investment, and we will continue to promote opportunities that help people find decent jobs and develop strong communities. The 7 projects will be unveiled by the Minister for Investment at the MIPIM UK property conference being held in London this week and will include opportunities for UK and international investors in a range of sectors.3,000 property professionals and over 300 potential investors and financial institutions from around the world will be in attendance.Jake Berry MP, Minister for the Northern Powerhouse and Local Growth said: From a transformed waterfront in Liverpool to rival any historic European city, to a new, state-of-the-art Quay in Gateshead, these new developments represent over £1 billion of world-class investment in the Northern Powerhouse. With Government working hand-in-hand with business and attracting international investment from across the globe, we’re delivering transformative regeneration for communities from coast to coast across the North – further evidence that the Northern Powerhouse is one of the most business-friendly regions in the UK.last_img read more

Mike Hosking: Time to stop the cannabis madness

first_imgNewsTalk ZB 25 July 2018 Here’s my frustration with everyone wanting to decriminalise dope.Firstly, it’s way more complex than just a vote.And as much as I value democracy, I also value the health of a society and we are not doing a very good job of that.Medicinal cannabis? There would appear some medical support for it.And that’s the group that should be making that decision not us. What the hell do we know?As regards decriminalisation for personal use, you know as well as I do, that won’t be regulated, it won’t be policed properly, the way so many of our laws aren’t policed properly these days.Cellphones in cars are illegal, but no one polices it.Why do we want to pile more social issues onto our plate in a country that spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year trying to address what the so called experts call a crisis?Mental health is overflowing with troubles,  hospital wards are at capacity, youth apparently are falling off a cliff.How many headlines, claims, and debates are had each and every year in this country revolving around problems, and how we don’t have enough money resource or people?And yet faced with that, faced with the knowledge that booze, tobacco, and pills already adds to these issues, we want to pile one more on top just for fun.Cannabis can add no benefit to us as a whole. You can scrap over how bad it is, how it might not be as bad as booze.You can drum up dumb arguments about people not being violent under the influence of cannabis as opposed to booze.You can do that all day long, but it distracts from the truth.The truth is, it isn’t good for anyone. It’s not in any way shape or form positive health wise.And irrefutably in some way shape or form, social ill will arise from it.Either through road carnage, personal carnage, financial carnage or all of the aforementioned.And all of that inevitably in some way shape or form ends up on the plate of the state.A government that aspires to a road toll of zero, somehow, can justify stoned drivers. How does that even work?A government that aspires to kids improving their learning justifies stoned teenagers, not to mention the kids in so called poverty.A government that can’t get enough jobless into jobs ,employers who can’t find enough good people, justifies stoned employees with all its inherent dangers.The law isn’t working. That’s the argument isn’t it? We have reduced ourselves to the debate quality of six year olds.We’re looking for excuses for being hopeless.All the while having so much evidence of the trouble ahead, and yet still we want to buy more.We reap what we sow and if what is sowed is sowed by idiots, then how can we expect anything but carnage? up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more