Everything we know about Mass Effect 4 so far

first_imgAt E3 2014 this year, every company trotted out beloved game titles in big ways — Sony showed off Uncharted 4 with incredible in-game graphics, Electronic Arts unveiled Mirror’s Edge 2, Nintendo teased an open-world Zelda that looks like a colorful painting, and even Microsoft’s arguably lackluster media briefing showed off a black light-inspired Crackdown sequel that looks super fun.Perhaps the shortest of all exciting teasers came from BioWare, when representatives showed off what is more or less the world’s first look at Mass Effect 4. We know very little about the game, but there are some hard details floating around that, coupled with the art and teaser video, paint a picture of the upcoming world.Mass Effect 4 %displayPrice% at %seller% will not, as far as anyone can tell, feature Commander Shepard — or even main characters from the previous trilogy. However, it will feature similar races — a human and krogan were briefly shown. The universe is “a whole new region of space” in relation to that of Shepard’s Reaper-infested locale, but considering familiar races have been teased, it likely can’t be too far away considering — as far as anyone could tell — the races in the original trilogy didn’t make it very far out into the universe. Fiction is fiction though, and anything can be changed or added.There will be ties to the original trilogy, though how deep or influential those ties are remain undisclosed. BioWare said it will keep the trilogy separate, but throw a bunch of nods to fans, so we can start getting excited about a new story.As you can see from the above teaser, BioWare was only ready to show off concept art; whether or not the person in the series-iconic N7 armor will be the main character remains a mystery. Considering the N7 logo represents the Systems Alliance special forces, it’s safe to say that the lineage of the people represented in the new game will be the same from the trilogy, regardless of how far away or long ago Shepard’s story took place.For now, that’s pretty much all we have. Fans of the game will likely have to wait a long time until the sequel’s release, no to mention how long it’ll take for some more solid, satisfying news.last_img read more