Apple employee says iPhone 5 will have NFC

first_imgiPad 2 is out, iPhone 4 in white is confirmed, so our attention has to turn to iPhone 5 and what it will include on release later this year. So far we’ve heard it will push the screen size up to 4-inches, replace the glass back with aluminum and get a new antenna placement, and that it definitely won’t have Near Field Communications (NFC) capabilities. Or will it?According to Forbes’ Elaine Wong, the news of iPhone 5 without NFC may be completely false. She has spoken with an entrepreneur working on an NFC project who has a friend working at Apple. Yes, this does sound like a bit of he said, she said, but according to them NFC will be a feature on iPhone 5.With Apple introducing a larger display in order to compete with the larger Android handsets it makes sense they’d also want to compete with the NFC-enabled Nexus S. The original reason Apple had given for not including it is a lack a clear standard, but that hasn’t stopped Google starting to test an Android NFC payment system in New York and San Francisco.An iPhone 5 announcement is expected as early as June, at which point Apple will either make a big fuss about NFC in the device or won’t even mention it. Until then, we can all keep speculating about it.Read more at ForbesMatthew’s OpinionApple choosing to include a new technology in the iPhone is usually a bigger question than “do we have space in the case?”. Apple like to have a service or a need to fill rather than just offering up another bullet point on the feature list.So if NFC makes it into iPhone 5 I’d expect Apple to link it with something. For example, some way of using your iPhone 5 to pay for iTunes purchases more securely. That would also allow Apple to sell a payment peripheral to plug into your Mac or iPad. NFC in iPhone would also come with a guarantee of some partnership that makes it instantly useful at retail or with your mobile network.Regardless of how widespread NFC use is today, remember that iPhone 5 will be on the market as Apple’s flagship smartphone for at least a year. In 2012 NFC payments will be much more widespread than they are today suggesting Apple really does need to support it.last_img read more