Win Chelsea v Bolton tickets

first_imgWest London Sport has teamed up with Thomas Cook Sport, official travel partner of Chelsea FC, to offer Blues fans the chance to win a pair of tickets to their next Premier League home game against Bolton Wanderers on Saturday 25 February.André Villas-Boas will be hoping for all three points against the Trotters…and you could be at Stamford Bridge to watch all the action LIVE!We have five pairs of tickets to give away and to be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following question:Which recent Chelsea signing previously played for Bolton?a. John Terryb. Gary Cahillc. Ashley ColeE-mail the correct answer to [email protected] will be randomly selected. The competition closes at 5pm on Monday, 13 February.Thomas Cook Sport is the UK’s leading sports tour operator and official travel partner of Chelsea FC, offering match breaks to Chelsea fans for the 2011/2012 season from £109 per person. This season, choose the winning tactic and book your 2011/12 match break by visiting or call the sales team on 0844 800 9900.You can also follow us on Twitter @thomascooksport and find us on Facebook at to keep up-to-date with all the latest competitions, special offers and news.Terms & Conditions1. The prize consists of two tickets (Chelsea end) to the game against Bolton Wanderers on Saturday 25 February 2012, for five winners. Kick-off is at 15.00.2. The package does not include travel to or from the ground or any hospitality at the ground.3. Fans are reminded that tickets are in the Chelsea end and seats are amongst home supporters. Please be aware that any vocal or visual support for the opposition will result in ejection from the stadium without compensation.4. Entrants are reminded that tickets are issued subject to Chelsea FC Regulations and the Conditions of Entry relevant to those tickets.5. Competition open to all UK residents with the exception of employees of Thomas Cook Sport Ltd, Chelsea FC or Hatch Communications, their immediate families, agents or anyone else associated with the administration.6. No cash alternative will be offered.7. The competition closes on 13 February.8. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the promoter reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value.9. The promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.10. All entrants must be willing to participate in publicity should they be a winner.11. We reserve the right at any time to cancel, modify or supersede the competition if, in our sole discretion, the competition is not capable of being conducted as specified in the competition rules.12. The promoter of this competition is either Thomas Cook Retail Limited, trading as Thomas Cook Sport or Airtrack (for UK departures), or Capitol Holdings Ltd, trading as Thomas Cook Sport (Ireland), for travel arrangements departing from the Republic of Ireland. Thomas Cook Retail Ltd registered office is The Thomas Cook Business Park, Coningsby Road, Peterborough PE3 8SB, and the company registration number is 00102630 England. Capitol Holdings Ltd registered office is 10B Beckett Way, Parkwest Business Park, Dublin 12, and company registration number is 163008. To discover more about Thomas Cook Sport, log on to www.thomascooksport.comlast_img read more

The Swansea v Chelsea quiz

first_imgChelsea face Swansea at the Liberty Stadium on Saturday. Test your knowledge of the history between the clubs by seeing how many of these five questions you can answer correctly.[wp-simple-survey-30]  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 Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

SETI: The Darwin Connection

first_img(Visited 593 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Secular materialists looking for space aliens have a philosophical kinship with Darwinists.“What Darwin Can Tell Us About Aliens”Caption at “Aliens would look a lot like life on Earth, researchers say.”That’s the headline of an article by Stephanie Pappas on, complete with a close-encounters type alien in embryonic form. Here’s the rationale for thinking space aliens will look similar to humans:A new theory says yes, we would. In fact, life on other planets (or moons, or asteroids) might look surprisingly similar to life here on Earth, University of Oxford scientists wrote in a paper published in the International Journal of Astrobiology on Oct. 31. That’s because life on other planets would likely be subject to natural selection, just like life on Earth is. And if life is subject to natural selection, it is likely to share similarities, even if it isn’t carbon-based, for example, or codes its operating instructions in a way entirely different from DNA.As we saw in the case of planetary systems (7/05/14), it’s risky to build a case on a sample of one. There are evolutionists who disagree with the idea that Darwinism always leads to similar organismic forms. Stephen Jay Gould, for instance, argued that if you replayed the tape of life on earth, very different organisms would probably form. That’s not what Samuel Levin believes:“Living things are adapted,” study co-author Samuel Levin, a doctoral candidate in zoology at the University of Oxford, wrote in an email to Live Science. “They appear to be ‘trying to do things’ like eat, survive, grow, reproduce.”The only way to adapt, Levin said, is through natural selection, the process through which hereditary variation among individuals leads to differences in success, and ultimately survival of the fittest.“Anything that will stand out to us as alien life will have undergone natural selection,” Levin said.Why are space aliens always portrayed with a skinny reptilian look?This line of thinking apparently comes from the University of Oxford, which posted a standard “ET” type image of a space alien in its press release. In this article, Sam Levin poured on the philosophizing without any shred of observational evidence:Sam Levin added: ‘We still can’t say whether aliens will walk on two legs or have big green eyes. But we believe evolutionary theory offers a unique additional tool for trying to understand what aliens will be like, and we have shown some examples of the kinds of strong predictions we can make with it.‘By predicting that aliens undergone major transitions – which is how complexity has arisen in species on earth, we can say that there is a level of predictability to evolution that would cause them to look like us.‘Like humans, we predict that they are made-up of a hierarchy of entities, which all cooperate to produce an alien. At each level of the organism there will be mechanisms in place to eliminate conflict, maintain cooperation, and keep the organism functioning. We can even offer some examples of what these mechanisms will be.‘There are potentially hundreds of thousands of habitable planets in our galaxy alone. We can’t say whether or not we’re alone on Earth, but we have taken a small step forward in answering, if we’re not alone, what our neighbours are like.’“Levels of predictability” include the ground level at zero. How could Levin know which level he is on? It’s easy to predict something you know you have almost no chance of ever finding. What this implies is that the “examples of what these mechanisms will be” are nothing more than cartoons.Honoring a FailureThe number of space aliens Jill Tarter has found is: Zero. Zilch. Nada. In honor of her pristine record, Nola Taylor Redd at devoted a lengthy column to her life and work. Since no extra-terrestrial ‘intelligence’ has ever been found, the SETI Institute for which Tarter wrote the Charter has diversified into astrobiology, which is also devoid of evidence for its key belief in life beyond earth.Today, the SETI Foundation not only hunts for signals from alien civilizations but also studies newly discovered exoplanets, hunts for hardy extremophiles on Earth that could give clues about how extraterrestrial life could evolve, and even studies our own planet.The Darwin connection is clear in this article: “how extraterrestrial life could evolve” is the tip-off. Studying earth life is worthwhile, no one would deny. And yes, planets have been found around other stars. But her record for finding extraterrestrial life of any kind, even microbes, is also: Zero. Zilch. Nada. Ditto for clues about how it could evolve.We’re not really trying to get you to laugh. We’re not trying to mock the worshipers of the Bearded Buddha and joke about their invisible friends. All we are doing is quoting their own words. If you choose to laugh, well, you can classify yourself among the sensible. Unfortunately, that means you will never get equal time on and the other secular evolutionary media outlets.last_img read more

Selling calls and straddles to try and create opportunity

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Jon Scheve, Superior Feed Ingredients, LLCNothing concrete happened during the Trump Xi meeting, so the market continues to trade sideways. Since June 15 the March ’19 corn board never closed above $4 and has only closed below $3.60 three times. Past performance is certainly not a guarantee, but it would seem possible that this range could continue for several more months.Right now I only have about 46% of my ’18 corn production priced on futures, so I need to develop a plan to get the rest priced. With corn prices below profitable levels for the foreseeable future, I want to manufacture trades that can help me maximize my profit potential as much as possible, while still minimizing my risk exposure. That’s why I recently did several trades that take advantage of the current sideways market to help me get some extra premium. For me this is a better strategy than waiting around hoping for a rally, because I’m not sure when or if that’s going to happen, and I have corn that needs to be sold.Here is a summary of the trades I placed over the last month and half. For full trade detail and my rationale for making each trade see the section “Trade Details and Rationale” at the bottom.Sold corn call — On 10/2/18 when March corn was near $3.80, I sold a January $3.80 call for 10 cents expiring 12/21/18 on 10% of my ’18 production.Sold straddle 1 — On 10/2/18 when March corn was around $3.77, I sold a January $3.75 straddle (selling both a put and call) and collected just over 23 cents total on 10% of my 2018 production.Sold straddle 2 — On 11/19/18 when March corn was around $3.75, I sold a February $3.70 straddle (selling both a put and call) and collected just over 18 cents total on 10% of my 2018 production.Sold straddle 3 — On 11/19/18 when March corn was around $3.75, I sold a March $3.80 straddle (selling both a put and call) and collected just over 23 cents total on 10% of my 2018 production. The importance of planning for any possible market scenarioThese trades are most profitable in a sideways market, which seems like the most probable outcome right now with what I know today. However, I still make sure I never place a trade unless I’m comfortable with every possible market scenario happening (i.e. up, down or sideways). The following summarizes how I’ll be affected with these trades collectively for any possible market outcome. Market rallies — If March futures would average out being above $3.94 each time the options expire I will have an additional 40% of my production sold for a maximum price of $3.94 against March futures. However this hasn’t happened since mid-August, and with what I know today, I’d be happy with that price and outcome. If all of these options would get hit and I would have another 40% of production priced, it will give me an average price of $4.10 sold against March futures, when I include my other grain marketing strategies I already have in place.Market goes down — Historically it’s not often that March futures decrease through the winter. Still I need to be prepared for everything. Overall, I could lose 11 cents on about 10% of my production if prices fell to $3.50 and I would be down 41 cents on 10%of production if prices are at $3.40 each time the options expire. While this seems unlikely to happen at this point, I will still be watching the market closely and will place protections on these trades quickly to minimize any losses should the market look to head significantly lower. In the event that the market does go down during this time I would not have any additional sales made.Market stays sideways — If March futures are at $3.60 or $3.90 I don’t have to make any sales, but I’ll collect around 29 cents of additional premium on 10% of my production. But, I could collect about 60 cents of premium on 10% of production if the average futures price level is between $3.70 and $3.80 each time the options expire. Either way as long as I’m in the range of $3.60 to $3.90 I will be adding whatever premium I collect to later trades that will hopefully bump me up to profitable levels.These trades allow me to make more money during a sideways market than doing nothing. I have to be comfortable with any market scenario happening, but now I’m less worried about the “when and if” of the next market rally. For me, focusing on a strategic plan for my grain marketing, rather than just hoping for a rally to sell, helps me sleep easier at night.Trade details and rationaleSold corn callOn 10/2/18 when March corn was near $3.80, I sold a January $3.80 call for 10 cents – expiring 12/21/18 on 10% of my ’18 production.What does that mean?If corn is trading below the strike price when this option expires I keep the 10-cent premium and add it to another trade later.If corn is trading above the strike price when this option expires I have to sell corn for the strike price PLUS I keep the premium. This means a price of $3.90 on March futures.On 10/2/18 I still needed to sell some of my remaining ’18 corn, but I didn’t want to sell $3.80 March futures. This trade allowed me to get higher values than are available today. If the market stays sideways, I keep the 10 cent premiums and can make this type of trade again to add even more premium. There isn’t downside protection with this trade, but that isn’t the goal for this trade.Sold straddle Trade 1On 10/2/18 when March corn was around $3.77, I sold a January $3.75 straddle (selling both a put and call) and collected just over 23 cents total on 10% of my 2018 production.What does this mean?If March corn is $3.75 on 12/21/18, I keep all of the 23 centsFor every penny corn is below $3.75 I get less premium penny for penny until $3.52.For every penny higher than $3.75 I get less premium penny for penny until $3.98At $3.98 or higher I have to make a corn sale at $3.75 against March futures, but I still get to keep the 23 cents, so it’s like selling $3.98.At $3.52 or lower I have to take a loss on this trade penny for penny below $3.52.This trade is most profitable in a sideways market, which I think is the most likely scenario right now. If the market does nothing through 12/21/18, I’ll profit similar to the trade above. With what I know today (10/2/18), I’ll be happy to sell corn for $3.98. I’m a little concerned with the downside risk right now but, it’s the middle of harvest and historically once harvest is over, and grain is stored, there is usually a modest price recovery. Sold straddle trade 2On 11/19/18 when March corn was around $3.75, I sold a February $3.70 straddle (selling both a put and call) and collected just over 18 cents total on 10% of my 2018 production.What does this mean?If March corn is $3.70 on 1/25/19, I keep all of the 18 centsFor every penny corn is below $3.70 I get less premium penny for penny until $3.52.For every penny higher than $3.70 I get less premium penny for penny until $3.88At $3.88 or higher I have to make a corn sale at $3.70 against March futures, but I still get to keep the 18 cents, so it’s like selling $3.88.At $3.52 or lower I have to take a loss on this trade penny for penny below $3.52.This trade is again most profitable in a sideways market, which I think is the most likely scenario. If the market is range-bound though the end of January, I’ll profit similar to the trades above. With what I know today I’ll be happy to sell corn for $3.88. With harvest nearly complete I’m less worried about downside risk, plus there is usually a modest price recovery in December. Sold straddle trade 3On 11/19/18 when March corn was around $3.75, I sold a March $3.80 straddle (selling both a put and call) and collected just over 23 cents total on 10% of my 2018 production.What does this mean?If March corn is $3.80 on 2/22/19, I keep all of the 23 centsFor every penny corn is below $3.80 I get less premium penny for penny until $3.57.For every penny higher than $3.80 I get less premium penny for penny until $4.03At $4.03 or higher I have to make a corn sale at $3.80 against March futures, but I still get to keep the 23 cents, so it’s like selling $4.03.At $3.57 or lower I have to take a loss on this trade penny for penny below $3.57.This trade once again is most profitable in a sideways market. If the market continues to be range bound through February, I’ll profit similar to the trades above. Knowing what I know today, I’d be happy selling for $4, especially since it’s higher than the previous two straddles. I’m more concerned with the downside risk at this point than being forced to make a sale above $4. Jon grew up raising corn and soybeans on a farm near Beatrice, NE. Upon graduation from The University of Nebraska in Lincoln, he became a grain merchandiser and has been trading corn, soybeans and other grains for the last 18 years, building relationships with end-users in the process. After successfully marketing his father’s grain and getting his MBA, 10 years ago he started helping farmer clients market their grain based upon his principals of farmer education, reducing risk, understanding storage potential and using basis strategy to maximize individual farm operation profits. A big believer in farmer education of futures trading, Jon writes a weekly commentary to farmers interested in learning more and growing their farm operations.Trading of futures, options, swaps and other derivatives is risky and is not suitable for all persons. All of these investment products are leveraged, and you can lose more than your initial deposit. Each investment product is offered only to and from jurisdictions where solicitation and sale are lawful, and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in such jurisdiction. The information provided here should not be relied upon as a substitute for independent research before making your investment decisions. Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC is merely providing this information for your general information and the information does not take into account any particular individual’s investment objectives, financial situation, or needs. All investors should obtain advice based on their unique situation before making any investment decision. The contents of this communication and any attachments are for informational purposes only and under no circumstances should they be construed as an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation to buy or sell any future, option, swap or other derivative. The sources for the information and any opinions in this communication are believed to be reliable, but Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of such information or opinions. Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC and its principals and employees may take positions different from any positions described in this communication. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. He can be contacted at [email protected]last_img read more

Geocaching Travel Bug “WeeHawk” Predicts Football’s Biggest Game?

first_img SharePrint RelatedInside Geocaching HQ Podcast Transcript (Episode 11): The Magic of trackable promotionsMay 10, 2018Similar postThe Travel Bug® That’s Traveled the Furthest* (*and is still traveling)September 17, 2012In “Community”Add a Little Geocaching Mega & Giga to Your AugustAugust 5, 2014In “Geocaching Info” Share with your Friends:More Weehawk sits just a few miles from Met Life StadiumUPDATE 2/5/2014: Geocaching Travel bug Weehawk made it to the MetLife Stadium to witness the Seahawks win the 2014 Super Bowl. Geocacher and Seahawks fan Bogey53 picked up the smallest 12th man and took it along to celebrate the first SuperBowl win for Seattle’s football team. Here is the proof:Geocaching Travel Bug at the MetLife Stadium during the Super Bowl XLVIII.A Geocaching Travel Bug might just be the key to winning it all for a major sports team. Skeptical? Don’t try telling Swanny6416 their fiery little world traveler didn’t help propel the Seattle Seahawks to football’s biggest game. The family of four die-hard Seahawks fans launched Weehawk in August. The Travel Bug’s mission was simple.Swanny6416, or Shawn and Criselda as their non-geocaching friends know them, say, “On August 17, 2013, we sent Weehawk on his journey to Super Bowl XLVIII in New York. He was placed in a cache location in Federal Way (near Seattle) in hopes of eventually finding his way to the big game where he would meet the team. We had high hopes that Weehawk would work his way across the country but figured it would be a long shot, at best, for him to make it through hostile territory since a lot of “enemy” NFL team fans live between us and New York.”Geocachers will move Travel Bugs from geocache to geocache closer to it’s goal.Weehawk traveled as far as Indonesia before returning its mission to make it to the big gameBut as the Seattle Seahawks won football game after football game, their small Travel Bug mascot named Weehawk drifted farther and farther from New York.The geocachers say, “On December 27th, Weehawk was picked up in Hawaii and the following message was sent: ‘Well, I guess the little one had his vacation in Hawaii — quite far from its goal. Luckily, I am in a position to help it along towards its destination, with however quite a big detour…’ Even though the odds of Weehawk returning to New York were seemingly insurmountable, we had every expectation that he would succeed, just like our beloved Seattle Seahawks journey through the playoffs.”Weehawk abroad in a faraway geocache in IndonesiaFate, in the form of motivated geocachers, would intervene. Weehawk was now far, far, and yet another “far” away from New York. The Travel Bug wondered to Indonesia to begin 2014. But the geocachers who launched Weehawk, believe the Travel Bug would be crucial in helping to the Seahawks make it to New York for the big game.The Travel Bug was taken from a geocache in Indonesia by a geocacher. Weehawk landed in a New York geocache just miles from Met Life Stadium, where football’s biggest game will be played this Sunday.Shawn and Criselda say, “He was then taken to New York City on January 19th and dropped off a mere 15.8 miles from Met Life Stadium! This was the same day that the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers for the right to go to the big game!” Coincidence? The Swanny6416’s don’t think so either.New York geocache site. Weehawk lives hereBut it’s not close enough. They say, “Weehawk is waiting for a [Seattle Seahawk’s fan] to pick him up and take him to the game. He is currently at Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY hiding near some granite pillars that were to be used in the construction of Grand Central Station!  We’re hoping by sharing our story with you, you can share our story, and maybe another fan can get him to the game.”So many questions. Will Weekhawk’s appearance at the game ensure a Seattle Seahawks win? Are you going to the game? Will you make this Travel Bug’s dream come true?  Answer them all in comments below.Still want more? Watch the TV news story about Weehawk’s adventure.last_img read more

13 days agoRangers boss Gerrard: I miss Liverpool every day

first_imgRangers boss Gerrard: I miss Liverpool every dayby Paul Vegas13 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveRangers boss Steven Gerrard admits missing Liverpool every day as he represented the club again for a legends match against his current club. Now Gers’ boss, the former midfielder has led his side to the summit of the Scottish Premiership but longs for the days where he could lace up the boots and play competitively. “It does feel great putting the kit back on and being around the lads in the dressing room and I’m looking forward to it,” he told LFCTV.”I miss it every day, I miss representing the club every day, even from the banter level going into Melwood.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Alphaliner Fresh Hopes for Recovery in Container Shipping

first_imgzoom Although the container shipping market remains fundamentally imbalanced, the new year brings with it fresh hopes for a recovery, according to Alphaliner.2016 saw a number of records, most of them marking new lows for a container shipping market that continues to suffer from excess capacity, with the weakness expected to persist for at least one more year.The global containership fleet recorded the lowest annual growth rate ever in the industry’s history as it increased by only 1.5% to reach 20.27 million TEU at the end of 2016, Alphaliner informed.Growth was kept low by the a record number of ships scrapped, with a total of 192 containership for 654,900 TEU demolished in 2016. The total capacity of containerships deleted reached 200 units for 664,300 TEU after adding a handful of de-celled ships and two casualties.New containership deliveries fell to 934,500 TEU in 2016, down 46% compared the year before. Very weak employment prospects prompted owners to delay the deliveries of some 60 ships with a total capacity of 400,000 TEU, while 18 ships with a total capacity of 57,000 TEU are believed to have been cancelled.Despite the low supply growth, the idle containership fleet surged to a record high of 1.59 million TEU in October before ending the year at 1.42 million TEU.“The surplus capacity overhang remains the industry’s biggest headache, especially with some 1.7 million TEU of new capacity due in 2017,” Alphaliner said.last_img read more

Video Heungmin Sons incredible nutmeg gives South Korea their revenge

first_imgHeung-min Son let his football do the talking in South Korea’s recent friendly with Chile on Tuesday with an incredible nutmegThe match itself has been at the centre of controversy of late following a “racist gesture” made by Chile’s Diego Valdes.The 24-year-old midfielder, who plays for Mexican club Morelia, was made to issue a public apology after a photo of him emerged on the internet producing a stereotypical eye signal.But Valdes was made to properly pay for his misconduct against South Korea on Tuesday when Son produced an incredible piece of skill to backheel the ball through his legs and leave him in the shadows.While the game remained goalless, Valdes will want to forget about this one as quickly as possible.Lautaro Martinez, ArgentinaLautaro Martinez talks about his time with Argentina Manuel R. Medina – September 9, 2019 Inter Milan’s Lautaro Martinez is becoming a regular at the international level, and he’s delighted for the opportunity with his national team.Meanwhile, Son will now finally return to Tottenham after helping South Korea win the Asian Games.It means that he will now be exempt from military duty and can continue with his football as he pleases.With Champions League clashes against Inter Milan and Barcelona coming up, Son can’t wait to get back to action for Spurs.“This is just the beginning,” he told Evening Standard.“I miss my team. I am happy to be back playing in the Premier League and Champions League. Over the summer, I think I’ve learned a great deal about football.”last_img read more

2019 Mock Trial Competition

first_img2019 Mock Trial Competition February 14, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Mock Trial program places high school students in real courtroom settings before actual state and federal judges, according to organizers. In those courtrooms, the students assume the roles of lawyers and witnesses facing off on a hypothetical case.While judges donate their time presiding over the mock trials, attorneys from different practice areas also donate many hours scoring the trials and coaching the high school students.The program is one of our legal community’s premier opportunities for students to learn about the justice system and the Constitution.The mock trials are not open to the public, however, school teachers and students wishing to learn more about the program may attend the competition, if they get advance permission by emailing [email protected] Posted: February 14, 2019 KUSI Newsroom KUSI Newsroom, Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more