Attracting Pollinators

first_imgA butterfly and container garden workshop will be offered Wednesday, May 28 from 9 a.m. until noon at the University of Georgia Research and Education Garden off Ellis Road in Griffin.The workshop is based on research from the UGA garden and will be presented by experts from the UGA Center for Urban Agriculture. The topics will include garden friendly insects, plants for pollinators, pest control strategies and putting it all together. Participants will build a container garden to attract pollinating insects like bees and butterflies. The garden will also attract beneficial insects that naturally reduce the need for pesticides. The cost of the workshop is $39 and includes instruction materials for the container garden and refreshments. For more information or to register, call (770) 228-7214 or email [email protected] Register online at read more

Spain Seizes 708 Kg of Cocaine Coming from the Dominican Republic

first_imgBy Dialogo May 02, 2012 The Spanish Civil Guard announced the seizure of 708 kilos of cocaine at the port of Barcelona, hidden in a container of coconuts coming from the Dominican Republic. According to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry, the Civil Guard operation constituted “the most significant seizure of this kind of drugs at this port in recent years.” The cocaine shipment was found on a ship coming from the Dominican Republic that was transporting 22.4 tons of coconuts. The traffickers used the so-called “loss-leader” method, which consists of hiding the drugs amid legitimate cargo. Amid the coconut shipment, the agents found 18 sports bags, within which the drugs were packed in small plastic bags stamped with cartoon images. Spain is the principal European gateway for cocaine coming from Latin America, as well as for hashish from North Africa.last_img read more

Rowdy Roddy Rogers

first_imgRAY PFEIFFER/Herald photoThe University of Wisconsin football team ranks third in the nation in pass defense and first in pass-efficiency defense, the only top national ranking currently for the Badgers in any statistics.Nevertheless, the Badger defensive backs haven’t received much recognition this season, despite having been the most consistent piece of the entire UW team, shutting down the opposing offensive passing threat each week.A large piece to the defensive success, and the chief menace for opposing quarterbacks, has been the Badgers’ free safety, senior Roderick Rogers. Rogers came into his final season ranked as the sixth-best free safety in the nation by the Sporting News, and also a leading contender for the Lott Trophy and Thorpe Award, awards given to the best defensive back in the entire nation.But Badger fans haven’t heard Rogers name too often this season for a good reason — he’s always in the right spot at the right time doing his job, shutting down the opposing team’s passing attack.Defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks has also noticed that Rogers hasn’t been getting much recognition for his play this year.”As of late, I feel he’s prepared and has been playing well the whole season,” Cooks said of Rogers. “Maybe he hasn’t had as many picks as the outside world would want him to have, [but] he prepares the right way and has done that since August, and even now he comes in and watches film. He’s making the plays that they give to him.”Rogers made his name heard, more than he has all season, against Penn State, earning Co-Defensive Player of the Week honors from head coach Bret Bielema. Rogers was seemingly all over the field, making plays against the Nittany Lions pass-catchers.The Stone Mountain, Ga., native totaled three tackles — including one brutal hit on Penn State tailback Tony Hunt for a loss of 7 yards — along with two broken-up passes and his first interception of the year inside the UW red zone, denying PSU their best offensive opportunity of the game.Alongside Rogers in the secondary, sophomore cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu has also seen his teammate excelling not just this past weekend, but the entire season.”You can always trust Rogers to be at the right place, he’s really opportunistic, and he’s always around the ball,” Ikegwuonu said. “He seems to have a nose for the football. He’s great in the run game and brings everything you would want in a free safety.”Not only does Rogers have a knack for finding the ball, but he is also one of the team’s emotional leaders.”He brings a lot of confidence and a lot of swagger [to the team],” Ikegwuonu said. “Roderick is a real confident player, he brings his A-game to the field every day, and it rubs off on us; we want to play up to his level. He knows what’s going on and knows the defense real well.”Part of what makes Rogers so anonymous is his shy side. Rogers was actually unavailable for comment this week in preparation for Wisconsin’s upcoming game against Iowa, leaving his coach and teammates to speak praises of him for his on-field play in 2006.”He’s a quiet guy. He’s not going to be the ‘rah rah’ vocal type of leader,” Cooks said. “But he’s the type of guy who speaks leadership through his type of play on the field, and on the practice field. He’s the guy that focuses in, and … when anything negative [is] going to happen, he’s got the leadership to where people respect him, to where he can say something, and his presence and his words can speak volumes to the team.”Rogers would not have been able to accomplish the feats of the Penn State game, says Ikegwuonu, without his constant efforts at getting better in practice each day and in studying game films.”[Rogers] really stresses the point in watching film; I see him up there every day,” Ikegwuonu said. “What he gets from film, the way he’s able to see the game before it happens, recognize routes, formations on the field. It makes you realize how important film watching is. That’s one of the biggest things that I’ve gotten from Roderick.”Constantly studying film and getting better has not only resulted in Rogers being a force for opposing quarterbacks to reckon with, but has also naturally landed Rogers as chief in command in the back field.”He’s always the one making the checks; he’s kind of the field general out there. He’s constantly controlling the movements and communicating,” Ikegwuonu said. “I think that’s one of the biggest things he does so well. He knows the playbook so well that he’s able to see things before they happen and able to anticipate.”Despite the lack of recognition, his teammates know he’s quietly become one of the best in the conference at what he does.”Rogers is a great free safety. He came in as one of the best in the Big Ten,” Ikegwuonu said. “He always aspires to be one of the best, and that’s where he thinks he could be.”last_img read more

In The Spotlight – Emilee Cherry

first_imgIn the eighth edition of In The Spotlight, Australian Women’s Open player, Emilee Cherry, speaks about what it means to be representing her country at the 2011 World Cup and the greatest influences on her Touch Football career so far. Name: Emilee CherryNickname: Cherry, ChezAge: 18Affiliate: Toowoomba / South West SwansOccupation: Uni Student Position: WingDebut for Australia: Women’s Open 2010Career highlights so far: 2009, 2011 Youth Trans Tasman, 2010 Open Trans Tasman, Darling Downs – state champions 2010.How you got involved in Touch Football: FamilyFavourite player: Peta Rogerson and Louise Winchester What does it mean to you to be representing Australia at the 2011 World Cup: Absolutely everything! To be rewarded with this honour makes all the hard training and travelling worthwhile.Biggest influence on your Touch Football career: Evan Willis along with all my other coaches I’ve had (Peter Bell and Kathy O’Brien).Favourite sporting moment: Any time I am honoured with putting on the Australian jersey.What do you know about Scotland: Not a lot.Any superstitions: That I must wear my playing shoes on the way to the fields before the game.Funniest Australian teammate: All of them really but the coach Kerry Norman tops it off.Favourite quote: I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it.Any travel plans for after World Cup: To go to London and then Paris for a few days. Stay tuned to the website for the upcoming editions of In The Spotlight, which will feature every Open’s player travelling to the World Cup.  With only 46 days to go until the 2011 Federation of International Touch World Cup, be sure to be regularly visiting the Touch Football Australia website to keep up-to-date with all of the latest news and information. Don’t forget to become a fan of Touch Football Australia on Facebook and Twitter in the lead up to the 2011 World Cup to find out all you need to know about Australia’s World Cup campaign:!/pages/Touch-Football-Australia/384949403384 read more

Audit results for Access to Emergency Health Services

first_imgYet targets in Rural and Remote areas are being met.The Fire Department First Responders play an essential role in supporting BCEHS providing a quick response but the BCEHS does not have a coordinated approach with the Fire Department.The Auditor General shares improved collaboration with fire departments is needed to support the consistent application of medical standards, information sharing, and improvements to patient care.Yet improving this coordination will not be easy for several reasons, as the fire department first responders are employed by local governments, while BCEHS is part of the provincial government. As well, BCEHS and some municipalities have different views on how the fire department first responders can best support BCEHS in providing effective access to emergency health services.These challenges may require support from the provincial government shared the Auditor General to creating solutions. VICTORIA, B.C. – B.C. Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) was recently audited and knows where they are succeeding and where they need work.The BCEHS is usually the first point of contact for someone that requires medical attention as they are being transported to a health care facility or hospital. The goal of the BCEHS is to provide timely and appropriate access to health care when provided.The BCEHS struggles to get out in a timely matter to provide critical care yet their greatest disadvantage is in urban centres where the desired time of arrival is 9 minutes and the actual time is reached 50 percent of the time, shared the audit report. This increases the risk to patients not receiving care in the time they need it.last_img read more

Maoist torch vehicles used in road construction work

first_imgBhawanipatna (Odisha): Maoists torched at least five vehicles and some machines used in road construction work at Panimunda village in Kalahandi district, police said on Wednesday. A group of armed ultras stormed the site camp of a contractor engaged in the construction of a road under Pradham Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) late on Tuesday night, Kalahandi, Superintendent of Police, B Gangadhar said. The red rebels, who have been opposing construction of a new rural road between Urladani and Lahadi, set ablaze five tractors and some machines used in the work, police said. Before leaving, the Maoists left some posters at the site expressing their opposition to the road construction project in the area, they said. The SP said that combing operation and patrolling in the area bordering Kandhamal district has been intensified after the incident.last_img read more

Connor McDavid Is Off To A Legendary Start

In the roughly seven decades since the NHL started handing out the Art Ross trophy to the league’s top scorer, only three recipients have spent at least some of an award-winning season as a teenager. Two of those players are on the short list of all-time best: Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby. The other? This season’s winner: Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers.McDavid was impressive as a rookie last season, but 2016-17 was when he announced his official superstardom to the world. In addition to leading the NHL in points, he was the league’s best at generating quality scoring chances. And although McDavid has been held to 2 points in the Oilers’ four first-round playoff games against the San Jose Sharks, the series is tied, and McDavid is driving possession the way he did during the regular season. Plus, he’ll probably be honored as the most valuable player in the game regardless of how his postseason goes.McDavid’s rise to the top of the NHL is hardly unexpected — as a child in Newmarket, Ontario, he was already being compared to Gretzky and Crosby. Comparisons with legends bring loads of pressure and expectations, and assuming that an 18-year-old who’s only played against other teenagers will turn into an all-time great is almost always silly.1*Cough, Alexandre Daigle, cough* But even the most optimistic hockey fan might be astonished by how valid McDavid has made those analogies look, and how quickly he’s done so.To say a great deal of hype surrounded McDavid as a youngster would be an understatement. In 2012, Hockey Canada waived its normal eligibility rules — which dictate that players can’t suit up at the major junior level until they’re 16-years-old — and allowed McDavid to enter the Ontario Hockey League draft at age 15. It wasn’t long before McDavid was torching the best junior-level competition in the world: In his three OHL seasons, he scored 285 points, or 1.7 per game. By the time his junior career was over, McDavid had won the most individual silverware in the history of the OHL.In his first two NHL seasons — the first of which was cut short because of an upper body injury that gave the entire city of Edmonton a brief, but acute, panic attack — McDavid scored 148 points over just 127 games.How does that compare with the legendary company McDavid is often mentioned in? Crosby’s scoring rate through his first 127 games was a bit higher than McDavid’s — he tallied 181 points — but there are also a few factors at play that put McDavid at a disadvantage in terms of raw numbers. After adjusting for those, McDavid ends up looking very similar to Sid the Kid.For one thing, Crosby’s first two seasons (2005-06 and 2006-07) were also the two highest-scoring NHL campaigns since the 2004-05 lockout. During those two seasons, teams averaged 9 percent more goals per game than in the two years since McDavid entered the league. 2007 might not seem like very long ago, but the game has changed. And part of the scoring gulf between then and now can be explained by a huge disparity in power play opportunities: In 2005-06, teams played with the man advantage a whopping 5.85 times per game on average. This season, that number was 2.99. (Theories abound as to why.)That matters for scoring: In his first two seasons, Crosby scored 108 of his 222 points (49 percent) on the power play. By comparison, McDavid has scored just 41 of his 148 points (28 percent) on the power play. If Crosby took advantage of whistle-happy referees, McDavid hasn’t had that luxury. Taking into account shorthanded stats as well, McDavid has scored 71 percent of his points at even strength. Crosby, by comparison, scored just 50 percent of the points in his first two seasons while playing at even strength. Because the vast majority of the game is played at even strength, points scored when teams are playing at five on five are arguably more valuable than contributions on special teams.Crosby also benefited from inferior goaltending during his first couple of seasons, relative to what McDavid has faced. According to save percentage — a good benchmark for goaltending performance — netminders were 11 points worse across the league during Crosby’s first two years than they have been during McDavid’s. From 2005-06 to 2006-07, the league’s average save percentage was .903; from 2015-16 to 2016-17, it’s .914.Add it all up, and after adjusting for the league’s scoring environment, Crosby’s 33-point lead in the raw stats gets cut roughly in half: Crosby had 179 adjusted points in his first 127 games; McDavid had’s system of adjusting statistics takes a player’s raw numbers and normalizes them to a league where six goals and 10 assists are recorded per game.As for Gretzky … well, he notched an insane 240 points per 127 games in his first two seasons, doesn’t have individual game logs dating back as far as the early 1980s, so we’ll have to base the comparison on Gretzky’s points per game in his first two seasons. although it’s worth noting that Gretzky built his case as the undisputed GOAT in an NHL that barely resembles today’s league. McDavid could be the second coming of the Great One, and he’d never have a chance to touch Gretzky’s raw production. But if we run the same adjusted scoring formula as above for Gretzky’s first two seasons, he produced 190 adjusted points per 127 games in his first pair of NHL seasons — 26 more than McDavid and 11 more than Crosby. (This just in: Gretzky was amazing.)So McDavid may be running a bit behind the Great One, but he’s pretty close to Crosby’s level. None of this is to say McDavid is guaranteed to match what Crosby has accomplished; Sid the Kid is probably still the best player in the world (at least according to that Gretzky guy) and is one of the best players to ever take the ice. But when you consider that McDavid is performing roughly as well as Crosby was at the same stage of his career, you get the sense that we’re all lucky to witness his ascent.Of course, while McDavid has asserted himself as one the game’s most prolific scorers, that doesn’t mean Edmonton fans should expect immediate returns in the form of a Stanley Cup. Gretzky himself didn’t lead the Oilers to a championship until his fifth NHL season (those early-1980s New York Islanders teams were notoriously tough to beat), and Crosby didn’t deliver a Cup to Pittsburgh until his fourth season. But with his Art Ross season, McDavid is already living up to the hype on an individual level, and the Oilers seem to have found the franchise cornerstone they’ve been looking for since Gretzky left town for sunny Los Angeles.So even if this season doesn’t end with a parade through Edmonton, the future looks exceedingly bright for the Oilers — and their boy wonder. read more

Suicide for Barcelona to target only Champions League says Pique

first_imgGerard Pique believes that just trying to win the Champions League would be ‘suicide’ for Barcelona.Barcelona have not won the Champions League since 2015 and Pique says they can’t afford to concentrate only on the European trophy. Barca Blaugranes reports.“To only try and win the Champions League would be suicide. In the way we operate, we’re stronger when we don’t let everything ride on a single match,” Pique said.“If we concentrate on LaLiga, it’s better, because it’s the measuring stick we use to see where we currently stand.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.“Barça have never won the Champions League without winning LaLiga too. If we focus on LaLiga, we’ll win the Champions League.“Barça’s style of play doesn’t lack anything. We become very strong in regular competitions, where we play a lot of matches and not a single final where it’s a coin flip.”There are teams who base their season on the opposite to us and it could serve them well, but it’s different playing in LaLiga than the Champions League. It’s been shown that if we perform well in LaLiga, we’ll perform well in Europe too.”last_img read more