Is Apple planning a hardware release for the iPods 10th birthday

first_imgThe iPod will celebrate its 10th birthday on October 23rd. According to a leaked memo from Best Buy, Apple is carrying out a “Fixture Installation” early on October 21st. A new launch could be on the cards, the question is: will it be a new iPhone, a new iPod, or both?Apparently last time Apple did a fixture installation like this that required a manager be in the store at 6am we got the iPhone 4. So the chances are October 21 is the day we get the iPhone 5. With it being the 10th anniversary it makes sense to do it that weekend alongside an iPod touch update.Of all the dates suggested so far, this one makes the most sense to me due to the anniversary. If true, it means those hoping for a September launch will have to hold out another 7 weeks before signing that new contract and getting shiny new hardware. It also means Deutsche Telekom is way too early with its iPhone 5 pre-order program in Germany.Historically this doesn’t fit with Apple’s timetable of releasing the iPod touch in September. It would also be unusual to see the iPod and iPhone launch on the same day. So the question remains: is the iPhone 5 going to launch this month and a new iPod appears for the anniversary in late October? Or is Apple using the iPod anniversary just to release a new iPhone?Whatever the case, if the Best Buy memo is real then something is definitely being unveiled on October 21 just in time for the weekend.Read more at This is my nextlast_img read more