St John’s told: “Grow Up”

first_imgJohn’s students have been warned over their rowdy behaviour after it emerged that college staff complained about incidents at a recent Guest Dinner.In an email to the JCR from the domestic secretaries, Mary Renton and Sophie Graham, it was revealed that wine had been stolen from the college kitchen during the dinner, and that those present had engaged in the throwing of decorations and food.Theemail stated, “College wine was stolen from the Garden Quad kitchen- this is very upsetting behaviour, especially considering we provided ample alcohol. As a result we have had to cover the costs.”The email continued, “Food was being ‘splattered’ around which made a mess for the buttery staff to clean up. We have nothing to say on this matter apart from GROW UP.”Renton confirmed that wine had been stolen, but explained, “The wine that was stolen was not a considerable amount (a few bottles) but it is the principle of the act that has lead to the current situation. We have liaised with college and come up with strategies to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”As a result of the theft, the drinks reception following the next Guest Dinner, which is usually open to friends of the diners, will be exclusively for those with tickets.Renton added, “The general reports from the night were that it was a huge success so these complaints refer to a small minority.“We have alerted the JCR to these events and warned that should this occur again there will be disciplinary action. All parties involved feel the situation will be resolved and we are all hoping that the next Guest Dinner (Friday 6th week) will run smoothly. At St John’s Guest Dinners are renowned for being great fun and we hope to continue this tradition.”Martha Mackenzie, John’s JCR President praised the hard work of the domestic secretaries, pointing out that the dinners are very popular events within the college.She added, “The recent reports of bad behaviour concern a very small minority. The fact that a stern talking to was the only sanction necessary proves that, as a whole, John’s students are trusted to behave well. Tomorrow’s guest dinner is still going ahead and having seen the decorations it is likely to be as fantastic as ever!”Second year John’s student Charlotte Roberts did not think the night was ruined by the events which took place, “The incidents have been blown a little bit out of proportion…College reacted badly, as it was unfair on the staff, but I imagine it was how it is at most other colleges.” She added, “I thought it was a fantastic evening.”The evening took place on the 5th of February, and cost diners £30. The theme was ‘Arabian Nights’, and guests were entertained by belly dancers from the Oxford Dance Society.John’s Guest Dinners are bi-termly events organised by the domestic secretaries, with staff and food provided by the college.last_img

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