Listen To West End Blend’s Exciting New Album “Say Hey!,” Streaming In Full [Premiere]

first_imgHartford based 10-piece West End Blend continue to impress fans wherever they go, delighting with an uproar of musical energy and delicious grooves. Today, the CT based band releases their newest album, Say Hey! The new EP captures that musical magic in recorded format, and the result is simply electricWe’re honored to have the premiere on this brand new album, showcasing West End Blend’s triumphant sonic style. Listen to it below, and be sure to read on for lead singer Erica T. Bryan’s full reflection on the new release.One obvious difference between Say Hey! and West End Blend’s other releases is, of course, the absence of a rapper. I think this past year has been about learning how to move on with our sound after such a big change, and we wanted a record that reflects the group as it is now. In doing so, we’ve had to make clear adjustments to the way we do things, and one of the more subtle but crucial differences between then and now is production.It’s amazing to see how invested we’ve all become in the entire production process after recognizing what we could have done differently with the last records; with this recent release we took greater care to be organized before hitting the studio, experimenting and getting what we wanted during studio time to make the most of it, and being honest with ourselves about what we could improve on or adjust for future live performances. Anyone in the band will tell you I’m a perfectionist, and I know it’s made my life so much easier this time around to not be kicking myself for not trying things. There is always a point after-the-fact when I’m wondering why I didn’t speak up about this or that when I had the chance; this time, I think I got what I wanted out of my own voice and my own writing more so than the other releases, and I think others in the band could probably relate to that feeling.Since establishing our core members, communicating with each other that way has been of greater importance than ever before, and our writing process has evolved a great deal lately. We’re writing and thinking more instinctively, all contributing, but still trusting each other and holding ourselves accountable for our own sections–rhythm section vs. horn section vs. vocals–to come up with a great addition to each new piece of music. More of the writers in the group, myself included, are learning when we need to take a step back and simply let a song of ours go where it’s going to go, let it truly become what it’s meant to be, which is, actually, a West End Blend song.This season’s big tour is something that we all recognized as an exciting possibility, but maybe a distant possibility, and it’s come along much sooner than most of us expected. In all honesty, the past year has been a whirlwind of unexpected, unbelievable opportunities; this summer’s shows have taken us to so many new places with so many new people that every once in awhile I need a moment to catch up. Now this fall it seems we’re suddenly met with a chance to go even further than we’ve ever gone before, promoting a new record with artists we’ve looked up to for years, like The Nth Power, Dopapod, Big Mean Sound Machine, and so many others. It’s definitely scary, and an unbelievable rush. Since joining forces with Mitch Moriber and Eli Novicky of Tone Wheel Music Group, who happen to be long-time friends of ours, we now have not only more outlets and more opportunities to share our music on a much wider scale, but also a pair of impartial judges outside of the band to help us weed through the madness of ten headstrong opinions; it’s something that’s proven to be indispensable for a large group like ours, and really helps us stay focused on making the music we love.Over the past year, it’s become more apparent that we are involved in a very special, very deeply-rooted, musical neighborhood. We’re making music and connections within this giant, talented circuit of funk and soul musicians, and, as other members of West End Blend and I have agreed, we are obviously new kids on the block, and have a lot to learn. I think on the whole we are more committed now than before because we know this really isn’t going away. It’s a fixture in our lives and a part of every decision we make. We’re all a part of this thing that just won’t stop growing if we don’t allow it to, and I don’t think I would have it any other way.West End Blend will be celebrating the new album with an exciting three-night EP Release run, including a show tonight in their hometown venue Arch Street Tavern with Hayley Jane & The Primates. The band will also collaborate with special guests from Turkuaz at The Hall At MP in Brooklyn, NY tomorrow night, and will play Nectar’s in Burlington, VT on Saturday. Check out the schedule below, and head to the band’s Facebook for details.West End Blend EP Release Dates9/28: Hartford CT – Arch Street Tavern w/ Hayley Jane & The Primates (EP Release Show)9/29: Brooklyn, NY – The Hall at MP featuring special guests from Turkuaz (EP Release Show)10/1: Burlington, VT – Nectar’s w/ Headband ft. members of Dopapod and Turkuaz (EP Release Show)last_img

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